Broken Umbrellas by Emma Broch Stuart


My Review


“Nothing you have endured – or inflicted – can keep you from being healed. Your umbrella may be broken, but God is the Glue that fixes the most hopeless of broken things.” ~ Emma Broch Stuart.

It didn’t take me a whole month to read this wonderful book; there were interruptions along the way. However, one could easily devour this book in one sitting. It was beautifully written and Emma tells her story of trauma, pain, and healing with crisp, clear and refreshing honesty. Emma’s love for the Lord’s Word as well as her own human warmth shone through on every page. I am certain that many fellow sisters in Christ would relate to Emma’s story in some way. I’m equally certain that those of you who are still searching will find solace between these pages. We are all on a journey down a pathway that is littered with imperfection – our imperfection. We realise throughout Emma’s book that it is because of these imperfections that our Heavenly Father loves us so much. I loved this book; I cried most of the way through. I cried as my heart leapt for Emma, but I sobbed when I saw my own life before my eyes. Whether you know Jesus or not; whether you feel you want to or not – you must read this book. I know I will, over and over again. 


Beautiful! Refreshing! Inspiring!
“Go knowing ….”

About Just Jo'Anne

Josephine-Anne, also fondly known as Jo'Anne, just turned sixty years old, an age she's decided to be for the remainder of her life. Jo'Anne has had a life-long passion for reading and writing. Most of her working life was spent in the administration and finance field; however, once an early retirement became necessary, the next step was logical. So, after much soul-searching, Jo'Anne decided to spend the remainder of her days doing what she loves. She's currently working on a fictional memoir "Charlie Dreams" and has also tried her hand at short stories, poetry, and narrative non-fiction. Jo'Anne has had a poem published in the "Glimpses of Light Anthology, called "God's Woollen Blanket". Jo'Anne loves to read all kinds of fiction, especially crime/ thriller and suspense, contemporary and historical romance. When she's not writing you will find her either inside a good book, with a cup of tea in hand, or pottering around the garden daydreaming and plotting.
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