Lakwi’s Lament: a short story (Tamrin Tales Book 2) ~ by Jeannette O’Hagan

My Review

 lakwis-lament‘Lakwi would love to read the books in the Royal library, but girls aren’t allowed inside. Her passion for books attracts the attention of her dashing older brother, Prince Rokkan, and her suave (but cunning) cousin, Lord Haka. Will her drive for knowledge lead her into more trouble than she can handle?’

Although this story is aimed at Middle-Grade to Young Adult readers, I believe any age group would love it.  Previously I haven’t been a huge fan of fantasy, but after reading some of the other writings of Jeanette O’Hagan that is fast changing.

Lakwi’s Lament is charming, suspenseful, and informative with a powerful message. This lovely story first appeared in ‘Like a Girl Plan Anthology’ (Far Horizons, 2015). Like a Girl celebrates and supports education and opportunities for girls and women.

Princess Lakwi is thirsty for knowledge in a world where only the males are considered worthy to gain an education. ‘Girls and puppies weren’t welcome in the library.’ Girls and women are present in this life to cook, sew, and arrange flowers among other things, and ultimately bear children for their husbands.

It was fitting that this sweet story was included in ‘Like A Girl’ because this message of equality and fair rights of the female gender to educate themselves and receive support in doing so, is portrayed well here.

Jeanette’s descriptions of the surrounds, the Palace … and many details right down to the colourful, elegant clothing worn by the individual characters, enable the reader to clearly visualise this different, but interesting world.  ‘Once Papa had taken her into the tiered room with its large skylights and rows and rows of entrancing scrolls and books.’  Her analogies throughout are brilliant … ‘his eyes like chips of ice.’

Lakwi’s Lament is a follow on from Jeanette’s story ‘The Herbalist’s Daughter’ (originally published in Tied in Pink, Anthology), both set in the world of the ‘Akrad Legacy Series. I am looking forward to reading the complete series when it is published. I believe Book One is to be released later this year.

Ms O’Hagan is a masterful storyteller, who entices you to read, and keep reading until the final page. I loved this eBook, and I’m certain you will too!

I received a free copy of ‘Lakwi’s Lament’ in return for an honest review.

About Just Jo'Anne

Josephine-Anne, also fondly known as Jo'Anne, just turned sixty years old, an age she's decided to be for the remainder of her life. Jo'Anne has had a life-long passion for reading and writing. Most of her working life was spent in the administration and finance field; however, once an early retirement became necessary, the next step was logical. So, after much soul-searching, Jo'Anne decided to spend the remainder of her days doing what she loves. She's currently working on a fictional memoir "Charlie Dreams" and has also tried her hand at short stories, poetry, and narrative non-fiction. Jo'Anne has had a poem published in the "Glimpses of Light Anthology, called "God's Woollen Blanket". Jo'Anne loves to read all kinds of fiction, especially crime/ thriller and suspense, contemporary and historical romance. When she's not writing you will find her either inside a good book, with a cup of tea in hand, or pottering around the garden daydreaming and plotting.
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3 Responses to Lakwi’s Lament: a short story (Tamrin Tales Book 2) ~ by Jeannette O’Hagan

  1. Sounds slightly dystopian or that of old world cultures where women were surpressed in education and still are today in some countries with better education for men.


  2. I like the concept of this book.

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