The Oregon Pursuit: Christian Western Historical (Window to the Heart Saga Book 4) – BOOK REVIEW

About the Book

Jenna BrandtSurrender to destiny: a window to the heart opens, when one door closes.

The Oregon Pursuit (Book 4) After Amelie Leclaire’s parents pass away in a tragic accident, she must return home to West Linn, Oregon to take over the family bakery. Amelie was training to be a midwife but must give up her plans in an attempt to provide a stable life for her younger sister. Pierre Girald, the Vidame of Demoulin, is traveling to West Linn on business. A chance meeting at the bakery and Pierre is instantly intrigued by the alluring Miss Leclaire, she on the other hand, is less impressed until she gets to know him. Through many trials and setbacks, will the couple be able to form a lasting relationship or will his past and her financial problems put an end to their potential?

Window to the Heart Saga: a recountal of the trials, adventures and relationships of the family and friends of Lady Margaret. The first three books detail her journey and book four focuses on the cousin of her best friend. The series has compelling themes of love, loss, faith and hope with a supremely gratifying conclusion in book 3 and 4.

Exceptionally sincere and wondrously engaging, The Oregon Pursuit shows the journey between letting go of a troubled past and finding new hope.

This sweet, clean book can be read on its own as a stand-alone book or as part of the series. 


… and I thought the story had reached its conclusion.

What a gorgeous book, the best in this series so far!

I have enjoyed reading this entire series, but just as I’m thinking ‘Aha! I’ve found my favourite; Ms Brandt does her magic and creates something even more amazing. I thought that we would be hearing more about Margaret’s journey, and in a way, we did when she appeared towards the end carrying a sweet surprise; but the new characters that have been introduced within book 4 are just as interesting and credible. I absolutely adore the determination and resilience of Amelie and love the way Ms Brandt has intertwined new and old characters together. Even the minor characters are so well developed, I can visualise them clearly within the story. Jenna’s depiction of how vastly different attitudes were towards women, and the male expectations of the day, were expertly captured throughout the entire book.

I loved the transformation of certain people’s attitudes and consequently their life journeys. The biblical aspect was handled well, portraying and delivering the message without being too preachy. I could not wait to finish this fabulous story, but I didn’t want to reach the end either. I’m so glad that there will be more chapters in this intriguing saga. Although the plot runs sideways with previous books, there is a distant but distinct connection between the characters, the story flows delightfully. I find myself thirsting to read more.

Yes, you may read ‘The Oregon Pursuit’ as a stand-alone novel, but frankly, I’d read the whole darned lot if I were you.

The author kindly provided me with a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Window to the Heart Saga

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Jenna BrandtBook 4: The Oregon Pursuit
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Book 5: The Oxford Challenge (coming early 2018)

About the Author

Jenna BrandtJenna Brandt is an ongoing contributor for The Mighty website and had her blog published on YahooParenting as well as being featured on the ABC News, The Grief Toolbox and Good Morning America websites. Jenna started writing stories as a little girl and has been published in several newspapers and magazines as well as edited for multiple papers. She graduated with her BA in English from Bethany College and was Editor-in-Chief of her college paper. Writing is her passion but she also enjoys reading, cooking, social media, being active in her local church including leading a grief support group and spending time with her three young daughters and husband. Discover more about Jenna and her lovely books right here

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