Let me tell you a little about myself

My name is Josephine Anne Griffiths, I am sixty something years old and proud of it. Don’t be expecting age updates every year – I am finally happy where I am, so now I shall be sixty something forever. I have three beautiful children (two boys and a girl) and have acquired three equally beautiful step-children. My husband Leon (aka HoneyBun) and I are also the proud grandparents of five gorgeous granddaughters and one grandson who is as cute as a button.

I am fairly new to the blogging world, however, I have been writing different things from short stories and poems to longer pieces for years now. In fact, I have had a passion for anything ‘writerly’ or ‘bookish’ since I was very young. Anyway, at my ripe old age of sixty, I am constantly finding out that I am way behind the times when it comes to anything technological. “Surely” you would say, “blogging has been around for a very long time. Where have you been? Under a rock?” Then I would have to admit that I have been too caught up in “making life work”.

images-6“What does that mean?” I hear you ask.

The truth has two parts. Firstly, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was young. I needed to be responsible and hold down a job that would provide a reasonable income. So I kept up the family tradition of working in administration and accounting. This suited me as I loved working with figures and I do have a good eye for detail. The second part to this is that I met the father of my three gorgeous babies, became busy and eventually comfortable with life as it was.

I didn’t really realise what I truly wanted to do until God stepped in one day and said “Enough!”  The significance and power of this one little word will become apparent once you get to know me better.

So who am I, and what do I like to write about? Here we go then.

I was born on a Sunday, February 24th.  My dear parents gave me the maiden name of Harnett – a nice English, Irish, Scottish etc. name.  I was however born in New Zealand, and believe it or not my great-uncle Antonio (not too certain about the number of greats) was the proud builder of the first sailing ship in New Zealand. Antonio De Vargo was originally from Portugal but was kidnapped by pirates at Lisbon when he was around ten years old. Luckily he escaped the ship in Auckland, New Zealand to enable the eventual birth of my grandmother who met and married my grandfather. Grandfather and Grandmother eventually had my father, Edward William Harnett; who met my beautiful mother – and the rest is history. So you see I am a wee bit of a mongrel. Family histories are so interesting, I am hoping to investigate mine more thoroughly one day – when I get the time.

MY TOBYEnough trivia; what do I like to write about? Well, that is easy really. I write about those things that I am most passionate about – God, life, heavenly and earthly matters, family and friends (names changed when necessary), my garden, my adorable jug dog, Tobias Griffiths (Toby for short), all of my loves and enjoyments in this somewhat overwhelming world.

I am also a great fan of romance; all sorts of romance – historical, contemporary, it doesn’t really matter. The main rules of thumb for me are that whatever romance I am reading or writing it must be family friendly. It must be clean and inoffensive, and always have a happy ending. As you will see, once I set to and write about my beloved HoneyBun – I have my happy ending already.

I also love reading biographies and autobiographies, memoirs, history books and books about travel. CelebrateLitButtonAs an avid reader, I like to write reviews of most of the books that I have read. This is immensely helpful to the authors. We need readers and reviewers to get the word out there about all the amazing books!  

Hmmm – now what do I like to do when I am not writing or reading?  Well, that would definitely be reading.  Oh and I love pottering in my garden when it isn’t too hot. I also like to bake – baking occasions are becoming less frequent, however, due to the fact that I really should eat more nutritiously. When I really want to zone out, I bake anyway and find someone to give my goodies to. I used to play my guitar, until recently when the arthritis in my fingers and elsewhere increased in intensity. I  love music and love to sing along – even though very often people wish I wouldn’t. I love to knit, however that has also become a painful pastime. Maybe I should consider crocheting.  I am usually  busy multi-tasking i.e. reading while glancing at the television (supposedly keeping HoneyBun company).

I also adore going out with my lady friends for coffee and/or lunch, movies or just a good chin-wag. I am at home full-time now, caring for HoneyBun; which usually leaves me ample time to focus on learning and writing.

images-2As pleased as I am to be working from home now, it also places a huge responsibility on my shoulders. No one is going to tell me to get on with it, except me.  Hmm – accountability, organisation, scheduling, prioritising, lists, diaries, journals etc.  This sounds like a topic for a blog post. It may very well be, as often while I am writing about something, I end up inspiring myself.

I am looking forward to sharing with you and forming a friendship that would last a lifetime.