A Review of “Bearing Fruit: What Happens When God’s People Grow”

Bearing Fruit

A wonderful  book review. Spiritual Growth is more than just a couple of trendy words.

Published: 2017

“A Christian can’t grow himself; however, he can put himself in an environment for spiritual growth. When that happens, God brings forth fruit.” This simple message resonates throughout Robby Gallaty’s latest book, Bearing Fruit

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The bottom line

As always Jo-Anne Berthelsen’s posts are so inspiring.

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I always look forward to Easter, not because of all those chocolate eggs and bunnies I don’t eat but enjoy giving our grand-kids—and not even because of those hot cross buns I do eat but shouldn’t! Instead, I look forward to Easter because I know it will bring me face to face again with the absolute beauty of Jesus and his love for us in a way I can’t ignore. I know his amazing sacrifice will shake me to the core again—just as I need to be shaken. And each Easter, I try to stop and reflect on what for me is the bottom line in my life, which is this: Jesus loved you and me enough to give his life for us, in order to save us and bring us back into close relationship with our Father God—forever.

I cannot get my mind around that—but I know it’s true.

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